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A skin-repairing calming hydrator gel that gently soothes while healing all skin types from scars, acne, redness, and irritation.

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Renew Dry & Damaged Skin

Provides intensive moisture and accelerates skin’s natural healing process in reducing scars.

Hydrate & Rejuvenate Skin

Water-in-oil technology binds moisture to skin cells while reducing excess oil on skin’s surface.

Revive Dehydrated & Tired Skin

Fights against the damage of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) in the dermis, which keeps the skin well-hydrated and healthy.

Enhance & Moisturize Skin’s Texture

Supports the skin’s renewal process which gives it a soft, smooth-to-touch feel.

Rejuvenate Skin Cells To Delay Aging

Supports a moisturizing, protective barrier against aging signs and environmental aggressors.

Soothe Itchy & Irritated Skin

A calming agent that provides relief to dry, itchy, and flaky skin while reducing skin redness and sensitivity.

Size / Volume 30ml / 1FL OZ.
Color Slightly white translucent
Scent Fragrance-free
Texture Thick fluid type
Feeling Smooth and easy to blend
For Skin Types • Normal • Oily • Dry • Combination • Sensitive
Suitable Users Men and Women
Apply On Face, Neck and Body
STEP-1 Apply UltraPeptide™, toner or any other necessary skin care on a clean face.
STEP-2 Gently massage XeroMinus® onto your face and neck. Use as part of your daily skin care routine or whenever your skin needs extra conditioning.
STEP-3 The hydrating effect of its Water Locking Technology can last up to 24 hours. Your skin texture will visibly improve after 3 to 7 days of consistent usage.

ALLANTOIN|Natural healing ingredient for smooth, moisturised skin. • Smooth & heal imperfection • Stimulate skin rejuvenation • Promote cell regeneration • Moisturise & soothe skin irritation • Even out skin tone • Reduce acne scars • Help ease dry flaky skin

ASCORBYL TETRAISOPALMITATE|A potent, oil soluble form of Vitamin C Ester. • Powerful antioxidant • Skin whitening • Fight acne effectively • Prevent cell aging • Hydrate skin cells • Photoprotective

TOCOPHERYL ACETATE|A more stable form of Vitamin E & skincare active. • Natural skin-conditioning agent • Antioxidant superstar • Strengthen & balance skin’s barrier function • Accelerate natural healing process • Reduce transepidermal water loss • Anti-aging & anti-inflammatory

CYCLOPENTASILOXANE|Help deliver nutrients to the skin. • A skin conditioner • Plump up fine lines & wrinkles • Give the skin a soft silky feel • Create a protective barrier

SODIUM PCA|Completely natural plant-derived ingredient. • Bind moisture to skin cells • Provide smooth & healthy surface glow • Strong hydrating agent • Protect skin from drying & other damages

Ministry of Health Registered under Ministry of Health NOT201005260K
Others • 100% Natural Active Ingredients • Easily & Quickly Absorbed • Dermatologically tested • Non-sticky Formula • Nano materials Free • Hormone Free • Alcohol Free • pH Balanced.

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