Our 12 years of expertise

We believe that health & beauty should start from the inside out. We also understand that when it comes to supplements, there are far too many choices in the market proclaiming their potential benefits that it can be hard to choose what is best for you. Here at Onecare, we do things differently by combining the power of nature with science to deliver results that you can see and feel, both from the inside out.

We stand behind the power of Clean Science

We care about what goes into your body, after all, taking supplements is a BIG deal. That’s why we focus on using only premium natural ingredients that are backed by years of scientific research. Along with its clinically-proven results, every product is also purified and tested consistently to ensure they are absolutely safe, effective, and contain the highest bioavailability for your body’s natural absorption. We do all this so you can indulge in its benefits worry-free, since your health is our number one priority.

Our Pharma Grade Difference

Store Grade Pharma Grade
May contain binders, fillers, chemical dyes Pure ingredients with no binders, fillers, dyes, chemicals, or other unknown substances
Contain allergens and cheap, synthetic forms that the body may not absorb Made with high-grade ingredients that are easily absorbed and more bioavailable
No accuracy required in the ingredients list Requires 99% accuracy in the ingredients list
Not strictly regulated by the FDA Manufactured in FDA-registered facilities that follow Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
Unverified rate of nutrients’ absorption into the body Assured nutrients’ absorption up to 90%
Usually cost less Usually cost more

We’re ready to listen and provide our expertise

It’s the heartfelt experience we craft for our people that matter to us. Inspired by our community, #OCGlowSquad, we’re constantly connecting and listening as each valued feedback is what keeps us going and growing, in adherence to providing world-class customer satisfaction.

We crave for innovation

Since day one, we are committed to creating breakthrough formulas with cutting-edge ingredients and clinically-proven results. We have never stopped seeking to create new values by continually upgrading our products to empower future generations to achieve their desired health and beauty goals. Through the evolution of our branding and the effort to deliver an expert approach, we’re more than proud to have also gained reputation and recognition worldwide over the past 12 years.


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