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The Best Snacks For Binge-Eaters

Do the perfect low-calorie and weight-loss-friendly snacks actually exist? YES! And we’re here to reveal these guilt-free indulgences so read on to find out.

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of binge-eating once in a while. But hey, snacks are just a part of what makes a movie-watching session more exciting or to fill in the mid-day cravings right? The point is, snackings are okay as long as you do it with healthier options! So put away the junk food and start stocking up on these snacks that you can consume without guilt - and might even help you to lose a few pounds too!

#1 Nutty Snacks To Promote Weight Loss

Nuts are a trendy food widely used in cooking or to be eaten on their own as snacks. It is an amazing source of healthy fats and fibers. Most of the lipids contained in nuts are good monounsaturated fats, as well as omega-6 and omega-3. The high fiber content in a nut functions as a prebiotic for a healthy gut, improving digestion and keeping you full for a longer time. Therefore, nuts are excellent for a low-carb diet and have been proven to promote weight loss. If you get bored with plain nuts, here's an idea to get creative - mix it with oats and make healthy granolas! Who needs chips anymore, right? 

#2 Beans, A Low-Fat Alternative To Nuts

Want something lower in fat but high in fiber? Then swap your nuts for beans instead! The fiber in beans helps to lower blood glucose levels and thus aid in the prevention of diabetes. Besides that, beans are high in amino acids - the building blocks of essential protein that the body uses to heal and to make new tissues, such as bone, muscle, skin, and hair. It's also great that there are so many types of beans to cater to your taste buds, such as lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, soybeans, and many more! Don’t like eating beans on their own? Get creative and add them to your daily meals, such as chickpeas curry, soybean curd, and red bean dessert, which are some of the most popular meal ideas for vegans!

#3 Vegetables That Help To increase Satiety Levels

Who says vegetables are boring, stale, and can only be eaten plain? Nowadays, there are even options such as delicious dried vegetables as a substitute for snacks, other than grilled, steamed, or roasted, which are equally flavorful as well. 

Everyone knows that vegetables are good for your health and are generally low in calories, so you can binge on it without worrying about consuming excess calories! It is full of antioxidants, vitamins, fibers, and minerals needed to improve your metabolic, circulatory as well as hormonal system. 

Since they also contain a lot of water, vegetables are beneficial to keep your body hydrated. Some examples of vegetables that are higher in the satiety index to provide a feeling of fullness for longer hours are regular or sweet potatoes, carrots which can even be eaten raw, beetroots, and broccoli! 

#4 Delicious Fruits To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, Yes Please

Of course, we recommend fruits to replace candies and cakes if you have a sweet tooth. Other than consuming fruits on its own, we do suggest a salad meal by adding your fruits to nuts and vegetables. It’s quick, convenient, and super easy to prepare! Popular fruits that are especially high in antioxidants, fibers, magnesium, and vitamins are berries, oranges, grapefruits, bananas, and melons. These fruits are effective in lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart diseases, and aiding weight loss due to its essential nutrients.

We have all heard that excessive intake of sugar is bad for health, so what is the difference between fruits and sugary processed or junk food? Fruit contains natural sugars, which are a mix of sucrose, fructose, and glucose, while the sugars found in other food have been removed from their naturally occurring source. What causes excessive sugar consumption to be harmful is due to the adverse metabolic effects of fructose.

However, this happens if consumed only in large amounts, and it is difficult to get excessive amounts of fructose from natural sugar in fruits when consumed directly. For example, 2 kgs of apples, which gives you ten apples approximately, equal to only 1 liter of apple juice. Can you imagine how much you can binge on fruits directly and remain healthy?
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