WELLNESS 13th of April 2020

The Answer To Stronger Immunity - Vitamin C

Health experts worldwide have speculated that Vitamin C may help prevent the virus infection. This is because it contains strong antioxidants that improve immune functions and reduce inflammatory responses.

Now the question is, where do we get our dose of Vitamin C? Simple - vegetables and fruits! Both are known to be natural sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that greatly benefit the body and immune system as well.

When the levels of vitamins in the body are high, only then the immune system can function at its full capacity. So gear up your vitamin level with a daily shot of MONIVITA™, the antioxidant-infused drink that is filled with 16 natural superfoods. Among the star-studded ingredients, the Sambucol® Elderberry in MONIVITA™ works the hardest in boosting our immune system.
With its powerful flu-fighting compounds, elderberries have been proven to shorten the duration of one being sick and minimizing symptoms of the flu. It also serves as an effective preventative remedy that is able to stop the growth of the virus when light symptoms begin to show. This is because it contains Antivirin, a potent antiviral agent that blocks viral receptors from attaching to our cells, preventing its infiltration. Find out more about its powers here.

With your health and wellness in mind, we are giving these full-body protection packages to give your immune system a boost.

So replenish your body with the pure goodness of vitamins and antioxidants now. One more bonus? MONIVITA™ contains absolutely zero preservatives, artificial colorings, flavorings and would not cause any burden to the kidney or liver. So you can rest assure that every drop is fresh and safe for the whole fam! 

Don’t miss out on the great deal - for every 5 box-MONIVITA™ purchase, we’re also giving away 1 FREE box of MONIVITA™ and 1 hero+, the 100% organic germ fighter with ZERO alcohol so you can keep your hands and surfaces clean at all times. Talk about an inside-out protection! Shop now.

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By Evelyn

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