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Formulated with ZERO Alcohol, hero+ is gentle yet effective in killing germs with 100% organic ingredients. Just ONE spray is all it takes to protect every human on the planet. Containing skin-friendly ingredients to dish away germs without drying or irritating your hands, the oh-so-portable spray can also be fit easily in your pocket and hand bags, perfect to use on-the-go.

Key Benefits

Kills 99.99% of germs within seconds

Disinfects hands and fights the spread of germs without any harsh chemicals or alcohol

Skin-friendly with zero irritation and dryness

Sterilizes all surfaces (leather, electronic screens, doorknobs, jewelries, steering wheels, and other surfaces)

Size / Volume 20ml x 6 Bottles (Up to 300 sprays per bottle)
Suitable Users 100% safe for all ages, even babies.
Direction Spray the desired amount on palm, rub hands between fingers and let it dry. No rinsing required.
Storage Tips Store in cool and dry places, avoid direct sunlight. Do not freeze.
Disclaimer This anti-bacterial spray is not a replacement for appropriate hand-washing practices.

Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter Orange) Fruit Extract|A natural organic source that is widely used to make soaps, cleaning products and disinfectants with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Citrus Aurantium Sinensis Peel Extract|The antimicrobial potential of Citrus sinensis peel extracts works as an all-natural preservative against pathogenic bacterias.

Citrus Reticulata (Mandarin Orange) Fruit Extract|Commonly used in most households as a natural cleaning agent with its antibacterial enzymes to kill germs and remove unwanted odor.

Citric Acid|Contains antimicrobial properties that’s proven to kill harmful bacteria and treat common bacterial skin infections. It’s often used in green cleaning for its effectiveness in disinfecting surface germs, mold, mildew.

Ascorbic Acid|The potent antimicrobial properties work as a natural antioxidant to inhibit germs and bacterial growth like S. aureus and Streptococci as they are proven vulnerable to ascorbic acid with its low ph level.

Lactic Acid|The green alternative for bacterial disinfection that inhibits harmful microorganisms on both surfaces and skin with its antiviral properties. Studies have also proven that it efficiently protects immune cells from enteric virus infection.

Morus Alba (Mulberry) Leaf Extract|Proven to have a strong bactericidal effect that can prevent mycelial (fungus-like bacteria colony) growth and lower risk of pathogens.

Phellodendron Amurense (Amur Cork Tree) Bark Extract|Contains strong anti-inflammatory properties to combat various germs, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, and even acne-causing bacteria, Cutibacterium acnes.

Others|Aqua, Glycerin

1 Kids-friendly and family-safe. Safe for electronic screens.
2 Eco-certified View Certificate
3 Non-GMO Ingredients View Certificate
4 100% Chemical Free View Certificate
5 US FDA Approved View Certificate
6 Cruelty-free View Certificate
7 Kosher Certified View Certificate
Others Clinically-proven safe: •100% organic ingredients •No alcohol •No chemicals •No fragrance •No parabens •Non-flammable •Non-sticky formula •Non-drying




WELLNESS 12th of January 2021

Meet The Organic Germ Fighter For Every Human (And Surfaces)

Introducing hero+, the anti-bacterial spray made for everyone with ZERO alcohol and no hidden nasties. ​​​​​​​

Phone, keys, wallet, masks, and sanitizer - we believe that’s the new normal checklist we have now before heading out to keep ourselves safe and protected in times like these. But do you know that most hand sanitizers in the market contain high alcohol content of low-quality that actually brings more harm than good to your health and skin? 

Yes, we’ve said it! Alcohol may be known to kill most germs, but the cons definitely far outweigh its pros. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out the new hero+, the safest, most gentle, zero alcohol anti-bacterial spray that contains 100% pure organic germ-busting powers to keep every human being protected ONE spray at a time.

Works Just Like Alcohol-Based Sanitizers But BETTER! ​​​​​​​

Yes, it’s shocking how most common alcohol-based sanitizers in the market can actually cause so much negative impact on our health right? (Wait till you meet hero+) Containing ZERO alcohol, hero+ was born to prioritize every human being’s health with its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to ditch germs on both hands and surfaces within seconds. Here’s how hero+ works just like alcohol-based sanitizers but even BETTER.

100% Organic Ingredients, With NO BS

After diligent research, we’ve made sure to include only ingredients that are clean, safe, and skin-friendly that your hands have been craving for, even for the most sensitive skin, while serving the purpose of killing germs. 
All these natural and plant-derived ingredients are proven to work effectively together to deliver the safest yet gentle formula without causing skin irritation and dryness. Besides its 100% organic and eco-certified ingredients, hero+ is also clinically tested to be kids-friendly and family-safe with no toxic ingredients like alcohol, chemicals, fragrance, and parabens. 

The Not-Just-For-Hands

Did you know? Most hand sanitizers can’t be used to clean surfaces like leather and jewellery as alcohol destroys the leather upholstery and causes discoloration or damage to the surface. (big no thanks!) That won’t be the case with the all-organic hero+ as it’s ideal to use for sterilizing all surfaces like electronic screens, steering wheels, lift buttons, and doorknobs - you name it. 
Amazed at its power yet? There’s more to that! The modern transparent design also adds a practical touch to its sleek look so you can have a clear glance at the consistency and know when to stock up before you run out of every drop! The oh-so-portable size of hero+ makes it so convenient that it is pocket, clutch, and pouch-friendly so you get clean hands at all times, wherever, whenever. We surely did not forget about our eco duty, and hence, the packaging is also made refillable so it can be reused for your next anti-bacterial spray, which potentially helps to cut down 89% of plastic used. 

Besides its clean formulas, the mist dispenser is also crucial for ensuring a pleasant sanitizing experience. The smartest misting technology built in hero+ nozzle is incorporated to evenly distribute each spritz easily onto your hands and surfaces because well, who doesn’t love an extra fine mist?

Did you notice? It comes with a no-lid design too! Also, you don’t need to search high and low or worry about losing lid covers anymore. As well as making it so much easier to bring around too. Finally, an anti-bacterial spray that ticks all the lists of natural, practical, and effective.

How To Make The Best Out Of Every Spray

There’s probably only one easy way to use hero+ but here’s a gentle reminder for you (just in case). Spray the desired amount on the palm, rub hands between fingers and let it dry, no rinsing is required. And ta-daa, clean hands in just seconds, how fast and convenient! To preserve its organic anti-bacterial ingredients, it's best to store it in cool and dry places.

It would be an understatement that it’s important to stay protected in times like these and by that, we mean with a 100% organic anti-bacterial spray with zero *BS to keep everyone in the family safe and healthy. 

Say goodbye to germs and nasties with just ONE powerful spray of hero+ now! 


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