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How Long Does It Take For Supplements To Kick In?

One of the most frequently asked questions by people who constantly try out new supplements is how long before they can start seeing improvements?

We wish we could say the answer is overnight but the truth is there are far too many factors that could affect the time it takes for supplements to kick in and start bringing positive changes. We’ll be discussing all of them today, so keep reading to find out more. 

#1 Your Current Skin Or Health Condition

Whether you’re taking supplements to help with your skin, body, or both, the question always goes back to how your current skin or health condition is to begin with. 

With that being said, if you’re starting off with a more severe condition, it will surely take longer for your supplements to start taking into effect as your body will require a longer time to heal and improve. If it’s for your skin, generally the turnover of skin cells is about 30 days and after so, it is reasonable for improvements to occur steadily.

#2 Your Body’s Absorption Rate

Every individual has a different body absorption rate, you could be absorbing anywhere from 10-90% of the nutrients from the supplements you’re taking. 

The higher the body absorption percentage, naturally the faster you’ll get the satisfying results within a shorter period of time. However for people who are facing malabsorption which is a disorder that occurs to people who are unable to absorb nutrients from their diets, will need an even longer time for natural supplements to kick in. 

#3 Supplement Dosage 

Every type of supplement will have its own prescribed dosage as a guide for you to know how much you should take every day for the best results. 

It’s important to ensure that you follow the recommended amount and try not to skip a day or two in between as this will also affect the supplement's effectiveness. Not only that, following the suggested time of consuming your supplements is also important as it can help your body to absorb the nutrition from supplements better and faster. Some supplements are best to be consumed in the morning with an empty stomach and some are recommended to be taken after meals. It all depends on what type of supplements you’re taking, learn more about when you should consume each one of them here.

#4 Food Intake

It’s true that they say you are what you eat. The food that you consume every day also plays an important role in helping supplements to work efficiently. 

Certain foods are best to avoid while eating supplements, and by that, we mean mainly those unhealthy foods like deep-oil fried food, spicy food, and highly processed food. It’s best to cut down on your sugary, alcoholic, and caffeine drinks as well as it will slow down the results. You can surely get faster results if you incorporate these healthy recipes together with your supplements intake.

#5 Daily Lifestyle 

Habits that you practice in your everyday lifestyle is also responsible for the effectiveness of the supplement. 

An individual who lives a healthy life that involves eating healthily, exercising regularly, and having sufficient sleeping time will tend to see faster results from taking supplements. Why? This is because sleep deprivation will greatly affect your health condition and even lead to numerous bad changes to your body physically, such as causing more acne breakout and gaining more weight. 

#6 Supplement Quality 

Last but not least, the quality of supplements you’re choosing to consume is as important as finding the right supplement to suit your concerns. 

A lot of research has to be put into action before finding the right and safe supplement to consume. We always recommend taking natural supplements that are made of high-quality ingredients as this can assure the maximum level of effectiveness. Paying careful attention to your supplement labels is fairly important as well, especially details like the nutritional information, percent daily value, the recommended storage method, and expiration date.

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