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Benefits Of Consuming PRAVENTAC™ For 3 Months Consistently

When it comes to treating acne-prone skin, we know that consistency is key. But ensuring that you’re consuming the right, quality products is of utmost importance too. 

Since 2009, PRAVENTAC™ has helped millions around the world in reclaiming their clear, acne-free complexion. And all of these testimonials have one thing in common - CONSISTENCY. 

The Clear Skin Journey 

We’ve had customers see results within as short as 2 weeks, but on average, most start noticing significant improvements from the 3rd month onwards. That is why we always recommend consuming PRAVENTAC™ for at least 3 months while following these useful tips to ensure better and faster results.

  • Follow the recommended amount and suggested time. Take 2 capsules daily before bedtime. For hormonal acne, we recommend taking both AG-FACTOR™ and PRAVENTAC™ together, 2 capsules each. Learn how the duo works here.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking at least 1 litre of water a day, and try to cut down on caffeine as it will slow down the body’s absorption rate.

  • Avoid acne-triggering food such as dairy products, refined carbs, spicy
    or oily food. Incorporate healthy recipes here

  • Use mild, hydrating skincare that does not contain harsh chemicals which irritate the skin.

  • Take up healthy habits such as exercising regularly, having sufficient sleep, and ditch those that affect results negatively, like smoking and drinking alcohol.

We also suggest documenting your progress by taking close-up photos before and after consuming PRAVENTAC™ to track your skin’s transformation. The battle is hard, but you’re not alone! Hear some of our fans’ heartfelt stories in conquering acne and scars below.

#1 No More New Pimples!

“For almost 5 months, I have been facing acne skin problems due to allergies with facemasks. After I saw an ad regarding Praventac, I straightaway ordered the product hoping it would solve my problems. Thank God because after 3 months of consuming, I have been able to see changes on my skin where there are no more new pimples and the older pimples are starting to dry. Thank you for creating such an impressive product!” - Roslina

#2 Reduced Oily Skin & Breakouts

“I was so hesitant to try Praventac at first because I've never tried any oral solution for my breakouts. Then, I purchased a three month supply and I am on my third month now and so far it really stopped my skin from breaking out so much and my skin is less oily now. Before this, I had lots of acne on my forehead and chin and now there’s just marks left behind and I'm still working on removing them by also taking AG-factor and so far it is working well on my skin. Thank you Onecare wellness for your awesome products!” - Nicki

#3 The Savior To All Facial & Body Acne

“After taking Praventac for 5 months, I can say that this product gives me so much confidence and happiness; starting from my skin becoming healthier and acne slowly reduced and faded away. The acne on my back has become less painful and reduced a lot too! I really love Praventac and recommend it to everyone who has the same skin troubles as me.” - Jerome, 27

#4 Healed Hormonal Acne & Scars

“It's been close to 3 months ever since I've started taking both PRAVENTAC and AG-FACTOR for my hormonal acne and I'm so excited to share my results so far! The redness on my face has subsided significantly and I'm getting lesser acne breakouts. Not to mention, the scars have also faded away! It's really a confidence builder, since I've struggled with acne my whole life. I just repurchased another 3 months supply for better results. I'm loving my clear skin right now. Thanks AG-FACTOR and PRAVENTAC!” - Jade Reece

We hope these transformation journeys could lend you some motivation to achieve that clear healthy skin that you deserve! Because with patience, consistency, and the right solution at hand, you’ll experience life-changing results in no time! Add to cart this 3-month supply to get started or share with us your story if you’ve reclaimed that acne-free skin! 

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