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Probiotics Dosage: How Much Do We Need?

Life is all about balance, and that includes the good friendly bacteria that keep our microbiome system healthy.

Did you know - over an estimated 50 trillion microorganisms are generally present in a healthy intestine system. Although the idea of our body harboring microorganisms such as bacteria can be pretty uncomfortable for us to contemplate, the optimal ratio of good and bad bacteria stands at 85:15. This balance of bacteria promotes a healthy digestive tract to aid in digestion, nutrient absorption, and contribute to our overall immune system to fight off infections.

And guess what? The friendly bacteria that we need to restore the much-needed balance are none other than - Probiotics.
You may wonder, how much is needed to have an adequate amount of probiotics to sustain a healthy gut system?

Colony Forming Units or CFUs is a measurement of probiotic dosage, and it indicates the number of viable bacteria present in each supplement.

A general guideline when shopping for a probiotic supplement is to ensure that it contains at least 1 billion CFUs per dose, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Sounds like a lot? Rest assured, not at all! In fact, 1 billion CFUs are at the lower end of the spectrum. More specifically, the right dose of probiotics will depend on an individual’s purpose for taking probiotics, such as:

1. For significant health needs or chronic digestive conditions, consult a physician for recommendations to determine your specific dosage amounts.

2. As for people seeking to boost their everyday intestinal ecosystem in general, a typical daily probiotic consumption recommended is:

For Children: 10 Million to 1 Billion CFUs
For Adults: 1 to 10 Billion CFUs

Where To Get Your Daily Dose Of Probiotics?

You can get your dose of healthy bacteria through many everyday fermented foods that contain the natural growth of probiotics, such as yogurts, kombucha, pickles, miso, tempeh, kimchi, sourdough bread, and some cheeses (Gouda, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Cottage Cheese).

If these foods are not appealing to your palate or inconvenient to consume daily to maintain your gut health, fret not because MOIIVA™ can get you there as well - with 6 Billion CFUs in just one yummy sachet! (Trust us, your kid at home will love it too!)
Each pack of MOIIVA™ is uniquely formulated with premium Synbiotics, Vitamin C, and Lutein to promote the growth of healthy bacteria while keeping the bad ones in check. This subsequently enhances nutrient absorption and strengthens the gut as well as the immune system. Besides being healthy, it is also delicious with an orange flavor that even picky kids will love, making it perfect for the whole family.

Additionally, probiotics have some surprising benefits that not many may know of - alleviating mood. Extensive research has led to the discovery of the gut’s role in relation to mental health. The brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) system are intimately connected, and this means that an imbalance in the microbiome system can cause signals to be sent to the brain, affecting a person’s appetite, mood, as well as sleep. Experts have even started looking at probiotics as a possible future supplement in treating a range of mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety!
Take your health to the next level by pairing it up with VOFINA™ - a formulation that is clinically proven to assist in the restoration of good natural bacteria, Lactobacillus, to maintain an optimal pH level and promote a balanced vaginal flora. This helps to eliminate vaginal and urinary tract infection, enhance firmness, eliminate vaginal discharge as well as unpleasant odor.

Additionally, the 20 Billion smart probiotics and prebiotics in VOFINA™ also works to boost the overall immune system and nourish the gut, with just one capsule daily.

Time to power up your probiotics course with MOIIVA™ and VOFINA™, to gain a balanced microbiome and stronger immune system!

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