WELLNESS 14th of June 2021

Unwind And Destress With This Roll-On Aromatherapy

Lull your mind and body into a calming relaxation with the uplifting scent of the Eucalyptus essential roller.

We can’t deny that feelings of stress and anxiousness can get in the way of daily living (not to mention, our mental health as well). This is why we’ve created something so convenient, portable, and perfect for inviting that much-needed relaxation into our everyday hustle and bustle. 

Introducing the NEW Eucalyptus essential roller, blended uniquely with a comforting hint of grounding Geranium, energizing Sweet Orange, and nourishing Jojoba for you to enjoy the moment of tranquility with just one swipe. Let’s break down the blend to learn more about how each premium essential oil helps to revitalize the mind and body upon the first whiff.

Congestion Be Gone

Known as a traditional medical wonder for over thousands of years, Eucalyptus essential oil is widely used to relieve the symptoms of colds and coughs, including sinus congestion and headaches. Researchers found that the scent of Eucalyptus can help promote clear breathing and support respiratory systems by clearing mucus and removing air impurities.

The benefits of Eucalyptus essential oil are extensive, from providing relief for nasal stuffiness, promoting relaxation, fighting mental fatigue, all the way to stimulating a sense of vitality. And here comes the best part, we’ve combined this finest gem together with Geranium and Sweet Orange essential oil to uplift your aromatherapy experience.

Mind-Rebalancing Power

Feeling all over the place and out of balance? Refocus your mind and energy with the Geranium essential oil to help rekindle feelings of calmness. Its sweet and floral aroma not only brings comfort and reassurance but has also been associated with its ability to rebalance the nervous system. It works by regulating the parasympathetic nervous system that's responsible for slowing down the heart rate and relaxing muscles to help the body return to a normal resting state. 

Anxiety No More

The antidepressant properties of Sweet Orange have been proven to help alleviate anxiety, lessen nervous tension, and promote emotional well-being by relaxing the muscles and slowing down the pulse rate. 

Did you know that happiness and positivity are also linked to a boost in creativity? That’s right! This zesty and lively aroma helps create a mental environment that improves mindfulness and allows your creativity to flourish at its best.

Nourishing By Nature

Among all carrier oils, Jojoba stands at the top of the list because of its soothing and healing benefits, which is why we’ve included it in this Eucalyptus roller. Formulated with lightweight yet extremely hydrating properties, it works as an effective natural moisturizer to protect every delicate skin, especially the dry and sensitive ones. Thus, making it an ideal choice for people with eczema, psoriasis, and even acne. Not only that, but it also helps to balance the skin’s natural oils for an overall healthy complexion as it closely mimics the skin’s natural sebum. 

All-Natural Aromatherapy With Non-Toxic Ingredients

While essential oils are commonly used as aromatherapy to help promote physical and emotional well-being, many of them contain synthetic fragrances that can be inherently toxic and may not be safe for everyday use. This is why it’s important to understand what makes up your essential oil roller. Formulated with your safety in mind, the ingredients used in this therapeutic roller are guaranteed all-natural with 100% pure essential oils, analytically tested to ensure product safety and quality standards with Certificate of Analysis (COA). 

 Simply Roll On Or Inhale To Indulge

Safely diluted with a carrier oil and ready-to-use, all you have to do is just rub it to your desired areas for a quick recharge: 

  1. Apply to temples or in between your eyebrows and rub it counter-clockwise for headache and migraine relief.  

  2. Daub onto the back of your neck as this pressure point located behind the ear can help refresh and energize your mind. The warmth of the skin also maximizes the scent to help revitalize you all-day long.

  3. Roll on your wrists to enjoy the aromatic touch of essential oils that goes on smoothly on the skin. 

  4. For respiratory discomforts like congestion or breathing difficulties, rub on the chest or simply inhale directly for instant relief.

Whenever you need that moment of self-care, we've got you covered with this Eucalyptus roller, designed to leave you feeling focused, calm, and stress-free. It’s time to take a pause, unwind, and dive into the synergistic blend of pure aromatic essential oils, shop now


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