SKIN 1st of September 2021

Finally, A Glowing Skin Routine That Works For All

That radiant, firm, and younger-looking complexion has just been made easier for everyone with the help of this supplement and skincare set.

To keep your skin looking its glowing best is indeed an inside-out job. The good news is you can bring back that healthy radiance to any dull and lackluster complexion with just this simple 4-step routine. 

Youthful Glory From Within

AG-FACTOR™ contains the superior skin-brightening ingredient - Cysteine Peptide, which helps lighten and rejuvenate skin to a smooth, elastic, and wrinkle-free complexion. It works by teaching our body to self-produce its own Glutathione and Collagen (the two most-loved antioxidants) instead of forcing the body to absorb them from synthetic sources. 

Each capsule is clinically-proven to not only restore skin radiance and youthfulness, but also help to promote healthier hair and shinier nails so you can glow beautifully from head to toe! 

What you’re feeding your body is just as crucial as what you’re applying onto your face. With your inner nourishment now covered, next up is to treat the outer skin layer with these cosmeceutical-grade skincare products.

Experience The Illuminating Power

Combining the power of nature and science, this luxurious anti-aging serum works to rebuild skin Collagen with premium Peptides and long-lasting Vitamin C to reveal your firmest and glowiest skin. Each rejuvenating drop also gives the skin natural plumpness while fading deep wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation for everlasting youthfulness. Another great thing to love about UltraPeptide™ is how quickly it absorbs into the skin, allowing the super-concentrated ingredients to take full effect. 

Lasting Hydration In A Bottle 

You might already know this - giving your skin a boost of moisture that lasts can do wonders for your complexion. The power of this duo-action moisturizer, UltraMoist™, lies within its star ingredients - Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Purified Bee Venom. Hyaluronic Acid has high moisture retention properties which provide weightless hydration to the skin, while the purified Bee Venom plumps the skin by mimicking the effect of botox to reduce expression lines, resulting in smoother and baby-soft skin with a dewy radiance.

The Must-Have Multi Defense Sunscreen

Did you know that up to 90% of premature aging (pigmentation and such) is caused by the Sun? That is why you should never skip on sunscreen (even when staying-in)! Unlike most traditional sunscreens, UltraShield™ is a non-comedogenic sunscreen that provides both physical and biochemical⁣ protection against UVA, UVB, blue light, and visible light. It also doubles as a perfect daily shield that comes with lightweight coverage, to help blur any skin imperfections for that ultra-sheer and evenly glow. 

How To Indulge For Maximum Rejuvenation

AG-FACTOR™ - Take 2 capsules daily at night before bedtime for the best results. 

UltraPeptide™  - Apply after cleansing and toning, mainly focusing on crow’s feet, laugh lines, and necklines using a gentle press and release action. 

UltraMoist™ - Apply to the entire face, focusing on areas of your skin that need moisture and rejuvenation the most. It can also be used as a makeup base that helps your makeup glide on evenly and smoothly! 

UltraShield™ - Gently dab and smooth over the entire face, and you’re good to start off the day whether you’re staying in or heading out! 

Real Results Seen On Our Glowing Fans 

Now that you’ve discovered the full ritual collection to glow from the inside-out, keeping a consistent routine for at least 3-6 months is also the key to achieving that youthful lit-from-within look. Shop The Glow Getter here to witness the ageless results for yourself!

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