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A Whole Spa Experience In A Bottle

Meet the ultimate moisturizer that hydrates, calms, and refreshes skin for a youthful complexion.

The 1st Golden Rule Of Youthful Skin: Moisturize!

UltraMoist™ is a multi-action skin hydrator that can rejuvenate skin cells, boost skin hydration while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Each application delivers a burst of intense hydration deep into the skin. It contains potent ingredients like purified Bee Venom, RegeneCell™, Superior Hyaluronic Acid (miniHA™), and Oryzanol Complex™, working together to leave skin visibly softer, smoother, and plumper in just 2 weeks! 

A Skin-Rejuvenating Formulation By Skin Experts

UltraMoist™ is proudly a cosmeceutical grade skincare that includes concentrations that are thought to have pharmaceutical effects on the skin, while focusing on the science and research behind all the ingredients used in delivering results that you can’t find from over-the-counter brands. 
- Dermatologically-tested
- pH balanced formula 
- AM and PM care 
- Suitable for all skin types 
- Free of nanomaterials, hormone, alcohol, and fragrance 

Immerse Skin In Lightweight Hydration 

UltraMoist™ is a luxuriously creamy and smooth skin hydrator that perfectly glides on easily and absorbs into the skin within seconds! The best part? It's a non-comedogenic formula that hydrates the skin from within without causing breakouts or extra greasiness. It goes on light, smells super great, and feels smooth on your skin while leaving it fresh and calm for makeup or daily sunscreen application. 

Fun fact: Did you know that moisturizers that come in pump bottles are always more hygienic than those in jars? Because you're not directly dipping your fingers in the product itself, which can contaminate it! 
Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin not only improves skin moisture and texture but can also prep your skin for makeup application. When your skin holds enough moisture, your makeup will last longer, and reduce the chances of your makeup turning patchy or oily. UltraMoist™ serves double-duty by hydrating and smoothen skin while keeping makeup in place and acting like a makeup base!
A moisturizer that smells AND feels good on the skin? Yes, you read that right! Formulated with Natural Purified Bee Venom, UltraMoist™ has an enticing sweet honey smell that everyone loves! Its natural scent is also 100% fragrance-free, so you can rest assured that it would not cause any skin irritation, redness and sensitivity! 

How To Indulge

1. After serum, dispense one pump onto fingertips and warm it up between palms.
2. Gently pat on the skin until absorbed before applying your next skincare.
3. Start from the inside and work outwards, focusing on areas of your skin that need moisture and rejuvenation.
4. Use UltraMoist™ as your makeup base. The moisturizing yet lightweight formula creates a smooth, supple surface and will help your makeup glide on evenly and smoothly! 
Regardless of your skin types, it's necessary to apply a moisturizer to your skincare routine to ensure it stays hydrated all day long. Reclaim that ultra moisture for that ultimate youthful skin with UltraMoist™ now!

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