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Stay Moisturized While Keeping Clean

It’s no doubt that cleaning hands at key times with soap and water or hand sanitizer is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to those around you, especially during the current outbreak situation.

Frequent hand washing, though a reliable way to ward off bacteria, can lead to and exacerbate dry skin issues. Soap and water rinse away dirt and bacteria, but it also strips the moisture of our skin. 

Is it important to take care of your skin? Yes, although not harmful, dry skin will cause discomfort such as flaking, itchiness, redness, and in severe cases, pain for those who suffer eczema.  What should you do?  Here is what you need to keep your skin hydrated.

Understanding The Root Of Dry Skin

We need to understand what makes up the moisture in our bodies. The answer to that is ceramides. Ceramides are lipids that help form the skin's barrier and help skin retain moisture. 

They are found in the uppermost layer of the skin. It helps the skin protect against environmental aggressors like irritants and pollution. Without the proper ratio of ceramides, the skin's barrier can become compromised, leading to dryness, itching, and irritation. 

Hydrate From Within

Introducing the first intelligent oral moisturizer! CERA5™ is a supplement that maintains moisture in every inch of your skin. This supplement is designed to help the body formulate our body’s own natural moisturizer

What about application moisturizers? Don’t they contain ceramides too? 

Yes, moisturizers in the market do have ceramides. But, applying them on the outer surface of your skin is not enough as they are poorly absorbed by the skin. It is harder for aging skin to absorb due to lipid balance damaged from age. With the help of CERA5™, moisture is delivered internally and externally to the overall body giving you soft and hydrated skin.

Who is suitable to consume CERA5™? Anyone! Formulated with rice derived ceramides, it helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defense barrier for any skin type, especially with those who have sensitive skin or suffers from eczema. Rice ceramides have been clinically proven to be more effective as they are able to hold much more water than ceramides from other plants.

Say goodbye to dry cracked hands with CERA5™ and experience softer and plump skin every day.

Check out CERA5™ now!

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