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Terms And Conditions

Membership Entitlement

  1. onecarefamily loyalty program is available for all registered customers worldwide, excluding the Pakistan and Indonesia.

  2. Membership registration is free.

  3. Each customer is entitled to join only ONE onecarefamily account. No combined accounts are allowed.

  4. Member position is subjected to a lifetime period and will not expire. Nevertheless, to maintain the benefits of each tier, a minimum spend per year is required.

  5. onecarefamily allows members to receive points and E-Vouchers on shipped purchases, entitling them to benefit from various offers and promotions.

  6. There are 5 tiers of onecarefamily available: Guest, Fresh Class, Glow Class, Star Class and First Class.

  7. Customers with a registered account will receive an e-membership card with their email address for this loyalty program.

  8. All accounts are valid in ONE country only. Members are not able to ship any purchased items to countries other than the country in which the account is registered in.

Benefits and Rewards

  1. The welcome gift is only applicable for the first time when being upgraded to another tier.

  2. Birthday 2x points are applicable to be received during birthday month only, applicable for Fresh, Glow, Star, and First Class.

  3. Birthday gifts are specially handpicked by our team and can only be redeemed during birthday month with a minimum purchase of USD 80, and applicable for Glow, Star, and First Class only.

  4. First Class members are entitled to choose their birthday gift with a minimum purchase of USD 80. To redeem the preferred gift, members can contact us.

  5. You will receive an email notification reminder about your birthday privileges.

  6. Free handpicked gifts for Star and First class members are redeemable with a purchase of minimum USD 530 in a single transaction, twice per year.

  7. To choose and redeem the handpicked gifts, kindly contact us. (Applicable for Star and First class members only).

  8. Handpicked gifts are only applicable on your next purchase after the tier upgrade.

  9. The personalized consultant hotline is an exclusive phone number dedicated to our Star Class and First Class members, handled by our health and beauty experts who are highly experienced to assist in any product inquiries or consultation during business hours.

  10. Invitation to exclusive events includes: health and beauty workshops, social networking, launch parties, and virtual workshops.

  11. All First Class Celebratory Gifts are one-off, applicable for the first time when being upgraded from Star Class to First class.

  12. First Class Welcome Gifts and Celebratory Gifts will be sent along with your next purchase, with no minimum spend required.

  13. First Class Special Bundle includes exclusive promo packages and discounts curated specially.

  14. All gift selection is subject to stock availability, and cannot be exchanged for cash or other rewards.

Tiers And Upgrade

  1. An upgrade of the membership tier will be reflected in the member’s account and updated through email.

  2. To upgrade from Guest to Fresh Class, spend above USD 400 accumulatively.

  3. To upgrade from Fresh Class to Glow Class, spend above USD 2,000 accumulatively.

  4. To upgrade from Glow Class to Star class, spend above USD 4,000 accumulatively.

  5. To advance from Star class to First class, spend above USD 8,000 accumulatively.

  6. To continuously enjoy all benefits of Fresh Class, a minimum spend of USD 110 per annum is required.

  7. To continuously enjoy all benefits of Glow Class, a minimum spend of USD 160 per annum is required.

  8. To continuously enjoy all benefits of Star Class, a minimum spend of USD 210 per annum is required.

  9. To continuously enjoy all benefits of First Class, a minimum spend of USD 270 per annum is required.

Points and E-Vouchers

  1. Points from multiple accounts may not be aggregated unless authorized by Onecare in its sole discretion.

  2. The points and E-Vouchers redeemed through purchases cannot be transferred from a member to any other account nor can they be exchanged for cash or sold.

  3. Onecare reserves the right to adjust or deduct an appropriate amount of a member’s points’ balance, should there be any product returns.

  4. Onecare reserves the right to revoke points that were obtained as a result of fraudulent activity or technical failures of any kind.

  5. Due to differences in currency, the points accumulated in a said account are valid for use in one country only; which will be the country the email and account is registered in.

Referral Program

  1. This program allows onecarefamily members to earn points by referring friends or family to purchase any Onecare products, using their personalized Referral Code.

  2. A referrer can only refer to a friend who has not previously shopped or registered an account on Onecare.

  3. The code users will be entitled to an E-Vouchers worth USD 5, which will be applied automatically upon entering the referral code during checkout.

  4. Each successful referral is entitled to 350 points, granted to the referrer’s account within thirty-five (35) days.

  5. A one-time mystery gift worth more than USD 51 will only be awarded once 3 successful referrals have been made. The gift will be sent along with the next purchase.

  6. A referral is only considered successful after completion of the order delivery, provided there is no returns, exchange, or money-back involved.

  7. Should there be any return or money-back items, points granted through the purchase will be deducted from the referrer’s account accordingly.

  8. Points earned are non-negotiable or exchangeable with other forms of rewards.

  9. All referral codes are lifelong and do not have an expiration date for existing onecarefamily members.

Termination and Amendment

  1. Onecare reserves the right to modify, amend, suspend, or terminate the onecarefamily Program for any reason at any time.

  2. Onecare may inform the member of changes to these terms and conditions via email or website. onecarefamily members should regularly check the website or email for the latest version of these terms and conditions.

  3. Onecare is not responsible for any failure to notify us of any changes in personal details, resulting in not obtaining rewards of onecarefamily, shipping misplacements, and any other direct or indirect consequences. Changes to personal details can be made in the “My Profile” page here.

  4. Onecare is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences, or problems in regard to onecarefamily program. Nevertheless, the Management will do its best efforts to ensure that the members can benefit from its points and E-Vouchers in case of malfunction of the onecarefamily program.