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Why Everyone Needs The Sambucol® Elderberry In Their Household

When cold or flu season strikes, almost every European families stock up on elderberries to strengthen their immunity, and that's not all. Researchers have found endless health benefits beyond the immune system.

What Is Elderberry?

Also known as Sambucus, the elderberry is regarded as an antioxidant-rich fruit that has been used medicinally for thousands of years, going back as far as ancient Egypt. Its flowers and leaves have been used in folk medicines to treat influenza, infection, headaches, heart pain, nerve pain, laxative, and diuretic. 

Powerful Flu-Fighting Compounds 

Elderberries have been known to help fend the flu and common cold. Plenty of research has shown that this superfood is able to shorten the duration of one being sick and minimizing symptoms of the flu. 

How? They’re rich in Anthocyanins which help boosts the production of immune cytokines, allowing the body to defend against disease and illness. More than that, elderberries contain a potent antiviral agent called Antivirin that blocks viral receptors from attaching to our cells, preventing its infiltration. Too difficult to grasp? Watch this video to learn more.

High In Nutrients And Antioxidants

The nutritional content in elderberries is all impressive on their own, containing flavonoids, anthocyanin, dietary fibers, vitamins A, B, and C - all ingredients proven to enhance the immune system. In fact, the anthocyanins in elderberries were found to have 3.5 times higher than the power of Vitamin E and they contain more Vitamin C than oranges as well. 

Other Health Benefits

Apart from strengthening the immune system, there are many other reported benefits of the elderberry.

1) Helps fight cancer: Studies found that the polyphenols in elderberries help increase the count of white blood cells, thereby enhancing the immune system and also inhibiting cancer growth.

2) Supports heart health: The flavonoids in them help reduce the level of fat in the blood and cholesterol, decreasing the risks of heart disease.

3) Anti-inflammation: The anthocyanins in elderberry are known to relieve inflammation, pain, swelling, bruises, and burns.

Time To Add Into Our Lives

Before we rush out to pick these wonderful elderberries in the wild, it is important to take note that this superfood is not safe to consume raw. So take MONIVITA™ instead! 

Powered by 16 superfoods including the Sambucol® Elderberry, MONIVITA™ is an antioxidant tonic that helps strengthen our immune system and prevent chronic diseases. Just take 1 bottle a day and experience the magical benefits yourself! 

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By: Evelyn

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