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Tips To Eat Healthy When Eating Out

 Do you know that 50% of our food budgets are spent on meals away from home? Eating at restaurants can be a fun and sociable experience, but you will never know what goes into your food, which means nutrition can fall by the wayside because it is mostly packed with butter, salt, sugar, and lots of saturated fats - everything that spells unhealthy. 

How can you possibly control your diet when you are dining out? Below are some tips that will help you make heart-healthy choices when eating out. 

#1 Control Portion Size 

Appetite is complex, and dieting is a challenge. But do you know that controlling portion sizes can help prevent overindulging? Start with a glass of warm water because filling your tummy with water will naturally make you less likely to overeat and eliminate your hunger. Take your time and enjoy your meal by putting down your fork between bites, talking with your friends, and sipping in water to decrease portion size. Health experts also recommend taking smaller bites and chewing every mouthful at least five or six times before swallowing because the hormone in your gut called ghrelin will trigger a message to your brain that you have eaten and that's when you'll eventually feel full. Always eat at a leisurely pace to stretch the meal out enough for your brain to catch up to your mouth.

#2 Fill Up Your Plates 

Always fill your plates with vegetables and protein first, and make sure they are cooked or prepared with less sugar, salt and healthy oils such as grape seed oil, cold extracted extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. They are rich in nutrients and low in calories, which is useful for controlling your serving. After that, if you are still feeling hungry, opt for a small amount of good carbs such as sweet potato, potato, quinoa, etc. Say no to processed meat such as bacon, ham, or sausage and switch it to more nutrient-dense options like salmon, chicken breast, and beef.

#3 Share With Your Loved Ones

Good things are meant to be shared! So the next time you're out, share it with your friends or family or order half a portion when eating out because it's the simplest way to reduce calorie intake and prevent overeating. Here's a fun fact: When people share the same food, it builds a certain trust and mutual agreement. You can achieve decisions and consensus more quickly, and you're more likely to respect each other, making it easier to work together. Start sharing food with your loved ones, and of course, the calories too!

#4 Opt For Lighter Dressings or Sauces

Do you know that the simplest way to ruin your healthy salad is to drizzle it with unhealthy dressing? Mayonnaise, caesar, ranch, and thousand islands are all creamy style dressings that are low-nutrient and high-calorie based. Look for healthier and weight-loss friendly dressings such as balsamic vinegar and Greek yogurt. The same goes for your sauces and condiments! Say goodbye to tartar and barbecue sauce, and opt for tasty and nutritious condiments like ketchup and mustard!

#5 Avoid Carbonated Drinks 

The dangerous weight-loss killer! The combination of high sugar content and acidity caused by the carbonization that makes it fizzy isn’t good for your overall health at all! You will feel fuller easily as the carbonation process takes up more space in the stomach, and is said to increase both gastric activities as well as heart rate, which can contribute to feelings of fullness. Alternatively, you can always order unsweetened tea, black coffee, or vegetable fruit-infused water for a healthier and more satisfying option. 

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