OFFER 15th of February 2024

Power Bundle For Weight Loss, Nutritionist-Recommended!

Losing weight can be hard but don’t let it deter you — get the solution you need to make your weight loss experience a positive and transformative one with this perfect combination!

Both SuperFIT™ and MealOne™ are powerful in their own way, but together they can speed up weight loss holistically. Addressing a wide spectrum of needs from supporting a balanced diet to boosting essential nutrient intake for a successful weight loss, this dynamic duo is a must-have with thousands of positive reviews, already. Let's discover how this powerful combination can truly transform your experience.

MealOne™: Healthy Eats For Shedding Pounds

MealOne™ stands as a true champion in both flavor and nutrition, making the ideal choice of meal to fuel your body and enhance your journey towards weight loss. Each flavor of MealOne™ boasts a high protein content (pea, brown rice and pumpkin seed) per serving, ensuring effective calorie control while maintaining nutrient density for effective management. With MealOne™ as your reliable partner in managing calories, you can be confident that you're keeping a balanced mix of macro and micro nutrients, just like you would from a wholesome meal. 

SuperFIT™: The Slimming Boosters To Your Meals

SuperFIT™ comes in set of 3 powerful boosters, each unlocking the three keys to successful weight loss. (Hint: They address cravings, calorie control, and water weight!). 

SuperFIT™ Satiety - Potent ally in curbing cravings to reduce the need to binge on unhealthy snacks that can lead to unnecessary excess calories and weight gain. 

SuperFIT™ Block - Efficiently block all the excessive calories (carbs and fat) from being absorbed and stored in the body. 

SuperFIT™ Flush - The cellulite and water retention expert to flush out excess water and prevent water bloating.

Most-Loved Duo, Thanks To Their Complimentary Effectiveness Together

Just imagine how fast you can achieve your weight loss goal when you take both  SuperFIT™ and MealOne™ together. While SuperFIT™ provides unparalleled support in suppressing cravings, blocking calories, and flushing excess water, MealOne™ offers a convenient, nutrient-rich meal replacement option. This duo will ensure that your journey towards your ideal weight is not only achievable but remarkably efficient and effective!

If you’re wondering about the consumption method, rest assured — it’s super simple! Just add 1 sachet of SuperFIT™ as booster to your MealOne™ and experience a synergistic effect that delivers results 3x times faster.

Shop The Bundle With Exclusive Offer Now!

Purchase Complete SuperFIT™ Set , which includes 30 sachets per box (total of 90 sachets in a complete set of 3-box) and 3-Boxes of MealOne™ (10 sachets per box) today. To make it even better, we will sweeten the deal by including a FREE Premium Shaker Bottle. But hurry, this opportunity won’t wait around forever - make sure you don’t miss out! 

T&Cs apply:

  1. Offer is on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

  2. Free gift is not exchangeable to cash or any other items.

  3. Each transaction is limited to one Shaker Bottle.

  4. Promo is only applicable with the purchase of 3-box MealOne™ in any flavors and SuperFIT™ Complete Set. 


Benefits Of Consuming SuperFIT™ (S-B-F) Consistently For 3 Months


An All-Rounder SPF & Anti-Aging Protector

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