BEAUTY, WELLNESS 5th of December 2019

Tips To Achieve Your Body Goals Effortlessly

Being healthy has been a goal for many. Still, it’s easily deprioritized amid in a hectic work schedule, and it’s inevitable for us to opt for the quicker option while putting our health second. Let’s step back and assess why we can’t sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Tip #1: Eat proper meals. Don’t snack!

Thanks to our moms, eating 3 meals were simple, but as we get older, we can’t seem to have 3 full proper meals anymore because we’re so busy, we tend to skip our meals and snacks whatever that’s on our work desks instead without knowing what we’re consuming. 

Studies have shown that snacking in between meals may only briefly satisfy your hunger, but it doesn’t mean that the calories in your next meal will be compensated.

Bottom line? Snacking causes weight gain, as it contributes to your overall calorie intake. So, start practicing meal prepping, and not only you’ll save those inches but also money (win-win situation!) 

Tip #2: Pay attention to your portion sizes.

Most of us eat two or three times the actual serving size of food in which has been practiced by restaurants serving massive portions, and we have been trained that’s the amount of food your body needs. 

Hence, it’s suggested to check the nutrition labels or google to check how much of any given food counts as a portion for one person (May seem tedious, but your body will thank you!).

It’s easy to overeat. Therefore, stop eating when full and be smart about controlling your portion size by using smaller plates as it will trick your body to learn to feel full faster.

Tip #3: Don’t eat 3-4 hours before bedtime 

Anything you eat, even healthy food a few hours before bedtime can cause a surge in insulin and cause you to gain weight. 

If you eat after dinner, your body will burn that food for energy and never kicks into the fat-burning mode. Ideally, try getting your entire food intake within 12 hours, so the rest of the time, you’ll be burning fat.

Solution? Do not consume anything 3-4 hours before bedtime because it blocks the body’s natural process to detox, repair and burns fat.

Tip #4: Always shop for your groceries with a full stomach

It’s a recipe for disaster to go into a grocery store when you’re hungry because it leads to impulsive buying behavior. 

Also, eating right starts with stocking healthy food in your kitchen. If you’re starting out being healthy, maybe you can start by swapping your usual favorite chips to kale chips. 

Therefore, prepare a list to keep impulsive purchases at bay!

Tip #5: Take SuperFIT™’s 1 sachet each, 3 times a day 

SuperFIT™ is designed to bring positive change to your body during its “magic hour” by naturally reducing your food cravings, blocking excessive carbs while eliminating excess water and toxins.

SuperFIT-S™ morning booster reduces snacking and cravings while helping to improve digestion, increasing energy levels, and boost the fat-burning rate. Also, it tastes like green tea in which Just perfect for the mornings!

SuperFIT-B™ noon booster blocks and delay the absorption of carbs and fat while inhibiting the enzymes to break down carbs to prevent post-lunch dips and sleepiness after lunch. It has a berry flavor in which makes losing weight tasty and fun. 

Lastly, SuperFIT-F™ evening booster with a refreshing lemon zest flavor eliminates excess water from your system and promotes a natural detoxification system for your body when at rest. 

Unlike the generic weight management products, SuperFIT™ takes the real underlying causes behind your weight problem instead of providing a short term fix to your concerns.

What are you waiting for? Get SuperFIT™ to achieve your body goals effortlessly!