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Menopause is a Fact of Life, The Symptoms Shouldn’t

As we age, hormonal issues and changes in the body will undeniably be present. But there’s actually a lot we can do to ease the journey of hormonal decline naturally. Read on to find out how!

Did you know? Hormones play such a significant role in our life more than we imagine it to be! Such as maintaining looks, health, and ultimately - happiness. Research showed that when key hormones like estrogens and androgens decrease with age, the body is more prone to muscle loss, emotional imbalance, reduced cognitive performances and even reduced lifespan. Yikes!

This gradual decline of essential hormones is  the reason why women suffer from perimenopause, menopause, postmenopause, and andropause among men. Many may face unavoidable health and emotional changes. 

But what if we told you that these 3 naturally-derived ingredients in the newly developed lolvita™ are the key to ease it all? Dive into each of its superior powers below. 

#1 Pueraria Mirifica (PM)

Used for over 100 years to treat various hormonal imbalance conditions, the Thai medical herb, Pueraria Mirifica (PM) contains at least 17 phytoestrogens, which are plant-derived compounds that mimic naturally occurring estrogen. PM is highly regarded as the safest and most potent estrogenic herb as its structure is similar to the friendly estrogen produced in our body, estriol (E3). In fact, it confers the benefits of estrogen without the negative side effects of Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) which incorporates synthetic hormones. 

Besides balancing estrogen deficiency and providing relief to menopause and andropause symptoms, PM also inhibits estrogen-sensitive cancer cells, which help reduce the risks of breast cancer as well. Statistics have shown that in Thailand, Pueraria Mirifica is widely used as a traditional medicine, and has the lowest rate of hormone-related diseases such as breast cancer, bone loss, and prostate problems globally.

Another wondrous benefit of PM includes preventing menopausal weight gain/loss caused by hormone shifting. Be it belly bulge, pear-shaped body, or shrunk body size, these are the first few physical signs of entering into menopause stage. PM works by delaying the musculoskeletal aging and preserving the muscle strength to keep the body firm and in shape. 

Summarized benefits of PM:

  • Reduce hot flashes and night sweats

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Minimize mood swings

  • Enhance memory and focus

  • Promote joint health

  • Prevent sudden weight gain/loss

  • Maintain overall body physique

#2 Compound K (CK) 

For thousands of years, ginseng has been known worldwide for its mind-calming, energy-replenishing, and health-healing benefits. However, not everyone can benefit from consuming ginseng as it is generally not recommended for those with weak constitutions. But unlike normal ginseng, the Compound K (CK) in lolvita™ is derived from American Ginseng (panax quinquefolium) which is considered a Yin-tonic that has cooling, Qi-nourishing properties that do not cause body heatiness, stomach upsets, or high blood pressure.

Besides that, CK also contains high antidementia, antitumor, and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent many chronic diseases involving the liver, immunity, and brain health. Studies have shown it can also improve Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and sexual arousal in menopausal and postmenopausal women. 

Summarized benefits of CK:

  • Replenish energy and fight fatigue

  • Strengthen focus and cognitive clarity

  • Improve Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • Enhance sexual function and satisfaction in men and women

  • Reduce inflammation and provide antioxidant protection

#3 Antrodia Cinnamomea (AC)

Did you know that your liver and hormones are actually interrelated? That’s right! The liver plays an important role in many bodily functions, including regulating the balance of hormones like estrogen, sex hormones, cortisol, and other adrenal hormones as well. 

Regarded as one of the rarest healing mushrooms found only in specific tree species of Taiwan, Antrodia Cinnamomea (AC) is well-known for treating liver, hormonal imbalance, and inflammatory disorders. Demonstrating powerful anti-inflammatory and liver-protecting properties, AC supports the liver by regulating hormones into a balanced state. Studies have shown that it can even reverse the damage of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, fatty liver, fibrosis, and other liver diseases.

In recent years, AC has also been considered a promising immunomodulatory agent to treat chronic inflammatory conditions like psoriasis and prevent autoimmune disease.

 Summarized benefits of AC:

  • Reverse liver damage and prevent liver diseases 

  • Combat inflammatory disorders

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Improve brain function and prevent Alzheimer’s disease

  • Fight fatigue and increase energy levels

  • May contain anti-cancer activities

3 Powerful Ingredients Packed In 1

Indeed, the transition to menopause and andropause may seem oh-so-confusing and filled with unending struggles. But those frustrations of sleepless nights, crashing fatigue, negative emotions, and no-spice sex life can all be turned around! And there’s really no need for expensive synthetic treatments or questionable pills. 

Filled with the natural powers of PM, CK, and AC, lolvita™ seeks to relieve victims of hormonal issues and smoothen the journey of age so everyone can embrace the change gracefully. The best part? It takes just 2 capsules a day!

Shop the hormonal balancer here and find yourself smiling at the wonderful experiences it will bring. 


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By Evelyn

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