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OnecareFamily is a program that offers exclusive rewards for members. The program consists of 5 tiers – Guest, Fresh Class, Glow Class, Star Class, and First Class – with more rewarding benefits and rewards in each.

Register an account with Onecare Wellness to automatically be a part of OnecareFamily. Register now.

Shop and accumulate points to redeem E-vouchers and rewards on your next purchase. Get additional benefits such as Welcome Gifts, Birthday Privileges, access to Glowpedia, and more as you move on to the next tier. Learn more here.

Points can be earned by:

1. Shopping, with every MYR 1 spent = 2 points
Shop now.
2. Referring friends. You get rewarded with 3000 points and a mystery gift worth more than MYR 150.00 when you refer to 3 friends and they’ve successfully made their purchase.
Refer a friend now.

There are also additional ways to earn one-time points:

1. Like and follow our social media pages
Instagram = 500 points
Facebook = 300 points
2. Complete your user profile here for 200 points

We are also constantly updating new ways for you to earn more points, so do log into your account regularly to keep a lookout on upcoming activities.

Your current points will be reflected in your Points and E-vouchers section under the “My Account” page.

Log in to check your points here.

The minimum points for redemption is 2000 points. (2000 points = MYR 20, 4000 points = MYR 40, 6000 points = MYR 60)

When you have accumulated the minimum points required (2000 points), you will be able to spend your points by redeeming it in the form of E-vouchers or rewards. Your available E-vouchers will be reflected in your Points & E-vouchers section under the “My Account” page.

Log in to check or redeem your points now or shop to accumulate points.

Yes, you will continue to accumulate points according to your total amount spent, after deducting the E-vouchers’ value.

Log in to your “My Account” page here to edit your profile.
Get additional 200 points when you complete your profile for the first time!

Log in to your OnecareFamily account to check your tier status here.

To be upgraded to the next tier, you will need to accumulate a certain transaction value from your purchases to meet the entry requirement of the next tier. Shop now.

To upgrade from Guest to Fresh Class, spend above MYR 1000.00 accumulatively.

To upgrade from Fresh Class to Glow Class, spend above MYR 5000.00 accumulatively.

To upgrade from Glow Class to Star class, spend above MYR 10000.00 accumulatively.

To advance from Star class to First class, spend above MYR 20000.00 accumulatively.

Your current tier status is subjected to a lifetime period and will not expire. Nevertheless, a minimum spend per annum is required to maintain the benefits of each tier.

To continuously enjoy all benefits of Fresh Class, a minimum spend of MYR 400.00 per annum is required.

To continuously enjoy all benefits of Glow Class, a minimum spend of MYR 600.00 per annum is required.

To continuously enjoy all benefits of Star Class, a minimum spend of MYR 800.00 per annum is required.

To continuously enjoy all benefits of First Class, a minimum spend of MYR 1000.00 per annum is required.

Fresh Class:
Enjoy earning 2x points rewards for the whole month when you shop.

Glow, Star, First Class:
Enjoy earning 2x points rewards for the whole month when you shop, plus get an additional special birthday gift with a minimum spend of MYR 300.00 during your birthday month, sent along with your purchase.

First Class members are entitled to choose their birthday gift. To redeem the preferred gift, members can contact us here.

Your birthday gift will be sent if and when you make a purchase during your birthday month. Minimum purchase required is MYR 300.00.

Steps to redeem:

1. Log in to your account and click ‘Earn Points & Redeem Gifts’ 

2. Click ‘Redeem’ Birthday Gift

3. Gift will automatically be added into your ‘Rewards’ to be claimed on your next purchase, with a minimum spend of MYR 300.00

*Gifts may vary by month and are subject to change.

To update your birthday details, kindly contact our Customer Support Team here for verification purposes.

As you advance to the next tier, you will receive a welcome gift, sent along with your next purchase.

Gifts may vary between tiers and are subject to change.
No minimum purchase required to receive a welcome gift.

As a First Class member, you will get to enjoy ALL the benefits in other classes, plus more!
Your special benefits in First Class include:

  • Receive an additional Celebratory Gift along with a Welcome Gift, when you advance from Star Class to First Class for the first time.
  • You will also get to purchase Special Bundles, which are Onecare exclusive promo packages and discounts curated specially.

As our Glow, Star, and First Class members, you will be exclusively invited to our events such as health and beauty workshops, social networking, launch parties, virtual workshops, and many more!

GlowPedia is exclusively a member-only access to insightful beauty and health content that gets you inspired and glowed! Here’s where you can get up-to-date tips, tricks, and guides to keep your beauty and health game up. 

Go to GlowPedia now.

All rewards are strictly not returnable or exchangeable with other forms of rewards, points, E-vouchers, and others.

Rest assured that all personal information and data of our members will be kept private and confidential, and will not be shared with third parties without your consent.

Learn more about our privacy policy here.


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