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Why It’s Essential: The Liver Guards

The liver is like a caretaker organ for the body, and if not taken care of, it can lead to many chronic diseases! But fret not, here’s one solution that will help protect, nourish, and support it - The Liver Guards.

Did you know: The liver plays a vital role in many metabolic functions, such as:

  • Flushing out wastes and toxins from our body

  • Fighting off infections by producing immune factors and eliminating bacteria from the bloodstream

  • Regulating hormones like thyroid, cortisone, adrenal, and sex hormones

  • Balancing cholesterol levels by synthesizing and removing cholesterol

  • Storing and converting protein, carbohydrates, and fat into energy when needed

  • Regulating the body with essential vitamins and minerals

With so many complex systems being safeguarded by the liver, it’s no wonder that liver health is of utmost importance to many. Other than practicing a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, taking supplements can ensure that the liver is consistently being nourished with essential nutrients that it needs to function optimally.

And guess what? Both MONIVITA™ & CelloFIT™ combined can give powerful results that are above and beyond! They’re not only great for the liver, but for overall metabolic health and immunity too - It’s like many experts say, take care of the liver and everything else will fall into the right place.

Here’s How The Liver Guards Help

CelloFIT™ works to improve liver health by reducing and neutralizing the damage caused by excessive fat storage, lowering insulin resistance and inflammation. It's power-packed with plant-derived ingredients such as the Artichoke Extract and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, which have been proven to increase bile production, assist the liver in removing harmful toxins, and reduce fat deposition.
In turn, the combination of these powerful actions can contribute to reducing the risks of the liver disease NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), AKA one of the world's most common fatty liver conditions! 
Our recommended consumption method: Take two capsules every morning before breakfast for optimal results!
A rejuvenating health tonic, MONIVITA™ reduces the risk of fatty liver disease by repairing damaged, inflamed liver cells while promoting the growth of new liver tissues. Its antioxidant-rich blend of superfruits helps neutralize harmful free radicals effectively. Besides that, it can also lower bad cholesterol by activating a protective protein that prevents plaque development and arteries' inflammation from LDL-Cholesterol.
Oh, good news for all you skincare enthusiasts - in addition to serving its health purposes, an effective liver detox also means a more youthful, glowing skin. MONIVITA™ not only effectively eliminates toxins, but is also rich in skin-beautifying ingredients like Annona Muricata and Noni Fruit. We’ll definitely cheers to that!
Our recommended consumption method: Drink one bottle daily or on alternate days. Can be taken before, during, or after mealtime.

Healthy Liver, Healthier You

Did we also mention, they’re both 100% natural, hormone-free, vegan-friendly with ZERO side effects; safe for long-term consumption, and absolutely perfect as daily supplements!
And now that you’ve seen how CelloFIT™ and MONIVITA™ work together to provide a concentrated dose of essential nutrients for a healthy liver function, it’s time that you try it out! 
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By: Tam N

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