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The Power Of Immunity Duo, Perfect For Whole Family

Most of us already know that getting sufficient nutrients is key to maintaining a strong and balanced immune system. But the question remains, how to choose the best immune-supporting supplement?

Immunity is an important system in our body that should always be given extra care, as it’s a line of defense against harmful bacteria and viruses. A healthily balanced immunity protects against illnesses and supports recovery when sickness strikes.

Aside from eating healthy and exercising regularly, adding natural supplements that contain active forms of key nutrients (a plus point if they’re yummy as well!) is a great way to maintain your well-being.

So here’s what we recommend!

#1 MONIVITA™, The Immune-Balancer Health Tonic

Every day, we’re exposed to harmful free radicals - from UV rays, air pollutants, and even our daily food (especially fried and processed food, take note!). A high level of free radicals in the body is linked to multiple illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, and autoimmune conditions.

Fret not. Packed with 16 natural superfoods and superfruits, MONIVITA™ will come to the rescue by providing the body with much-needed doses of Antioxidants, also known as the superheroes that fight off free radicals effectively! Each shot of MONIVITA™ also contains the scientifically-proven cold and flu reliever Sambucol® Elderberry, which helps improve antibody response by inhibiting virus entry and replication in the body.

‘Haven’t Fall Sick Since I Started Taking MONIVITA™!’

‘My Immune System Is So Much Healthier Now.’

#2 MOIIVA™, The Gut-Immune System Enhancer

Experts have said: If you want to improve your immunity, take note of your gut. Well, we couldn’t agree more! MOIIVA™ is packed with the Synbiotics of Probiotics + Prebiotics (6 Billion CFUs), Vitamin C, and Lutein. It makes up the super effective formula that enhances digestive health and balances the microbiome, responsible for almost 70% of the whole immune system!

Besides that, it also helps improve nutrient absorption at the gut level to ensure that the body can take in and make good use of all the nutrition we consume for a healthier body. Additionally, what makes MOIIVA™ the ultimate immunity shield loved by both kids and adults is its yummy, orange-licious taste that’s hard to pass on!

‘Consumed MOIIVA™ For 6 Months, Very Effective!’

‘MOIIVA™ Is My Kids’ Favorite Supplement.’

Highly Recommended: Take Both For Best Results!

If you’ve been looking for the best supplements that are effective, yummy, and suitable for the whole family - look no further than The Immunity Duo. Both MOIIVA™ and MONIVITA™ work great individually, but together? You’re guaranteed to experience a burst of health like never before!

  • One bottle of MONIVITA™ daily, every morning

  • One sachet of MOIIVA™ daily, after mealtime

Supercharge your immune system with The Immunity Duo today!

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By Tam N

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