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The Perfect Duo To Combat All Signs Of Aging

Powerful on its own, but better together. Learn how the skin-brightening superstar and oral moisturizer work together to maximize your youth.

Face it. As long as we age, signs of aging cannot be avoided! Wrinkles, age spots, dry sagging skin, you name it - these are the results of intrinsic aging (breakdown of Collagen and Elastin in our body) and extrinsic factors (pollution, poor nutrition, stress, and the biggest culprit of all, sun exposure). Now, before we shut ourselves from the outside world and chomp on all things healthy, there is a way to turn back your skin clock - by combining the inner powers of this perfectly matched duo.

Reawaken Brighter, Spotless Skin with

We’ve seen countless Collagen products in the anti-aging aisle but did you know the BEST Collagen is the one you produce by yourself? Instead of ingesting synthetic ingredients from most Collagen products out there, 
AG-FACTOR™ contains Cysteine Peptide, a natural and scientifically-proven ingredient that teaches the body to self-produce both Glutathione and Collagen.

What you get out of this self-production (magic):

  • Brighter and fairer skin tone

  • Reduced age spots and pigmentation

  • Firmer and more lifted look

  • Improved liver detoxification (hello clear, healthy complexion!)

  • Enhanced sleep quality and higher energy levels

  • Balanced immune system

Hydrate For Softer & More Supple Skin
With CERA5™

Ever heard that the foundation of youthfulness starts from well-hydrated skin? It’s true! An adequately-moisturized complexion generally looks more plump, healthy, and younger-looking. While moisturizing creams and lotions do help on a surface level, hydrating from within will definitely give your skin more of what it needs to thrive. Formulated with premium Ceramides and other ultra-hydrating ingredients, CERA5™ locks in moisture and strengthens the skin barrier against environmental aggressors (including UV rays) for that long-lasting youthfulness! 

What you get out of this inside-out replenishment:

  • Softer, smoother, and more supple skin

  • Lighter wrinkles and fine lines

  • Improved skin elasticity

  • Reduced skin redness, itchiness, and sensitivity

  • Relief and prevention of eczema and psoriasis

  • Natural pinkish complexion

Now You Can Get The Best Of Both Worlds!

By consuming AG-FACTOR™ and CERA5™ together, you’ll tick off every skin concern and head closer to your skincare goals conveniently with just 2 capsules each a day! Don’t believe us? Check out what our fans are saying after consuming the duo below!
“As a frequent-flyer, a career woman and a busy mother of 2, I had to juggle in between and this has definitely taken a toll on my skin and health. I've never stopped trying new skincare products since I was 30 in order to keep my skin young. Ag-Factor and Cera-5 have accompanied me for the past 3 months no matter where I traveled to, and it was my first trial on these products. The pigmentation on cheeks have lightened from the 2nd month on, skin moisture improved significantly when I was in Europe (imagine it was such a dry summer) and I'm going to place an order for my next 3-month supply! My age? Just a number to me after all!” - Daiki

“I’ve been using the combination of Ag-Factor and Cera5 for close to 2 months now and noticed my skin has become smoother, firmer, and starting to glow! I’ve also had less hair fall and I'm going to continue these 2 products for the long-term to achieve better results. Thank you for such great natural solutions!” - Meriam

Wait no more! The next glow-up story could be yours. Shop The Anti-Aging Duo here and reclaim your youthful complexion now. 

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