WELLNESS 23rd of September 2021

Stronger Together With #OnecareGoPink

Fight, Hope, Strength, and Support - these words mean more than ever to someone in a battle against breast cancer. This special month, we invite you to join us on a mission to donate, spread love, and bring real awareness to breast cancer.

#OnecareGoPink is created in hopes to not only educate and raise awareness within our community, but also provide monetary donations to organizations that help the cause. This year, we’re contributing to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® to raise funds in support of its mission and vision.

The BCRF® is a non-profit organization that funds promising clinical research and medical institutions to find the cure and prevention for breast cancer. Their efforts also include supporting breast cancer survivors and continually making treatments more accessible to all those affected in every corner of the world.

Read on to find out how YOU can contribute!

Awareness: Know The Facts

Breast cancer develops when the cells in the breast grow abnormally, forming a malignant tumor that invades healthy cells in other parts of the body.
A tumor can be felt as a lump, but it’s important to know that there are two types of tumors - malignant and benign. Malignant tumors are the cancerous ones that can spread outside of the breast, whereas benign tumors are non-cancerous. Nevertheless, self-examination should be done regularly in order to reach out for a professional's diagnosis and help at an early stage in any case of abnormalities felt around the breasts.

Education: Check Your Boobies

Remember, mirror time is not just for your skin but for your breasts too! So here’s a simple guide on how to perform a breast self-examination at home:
#1 Look

Position: Standing
- Raise your arms overhead and observe your breasts in the mirror. Look for any strange changes in color, size, shape, discharge, swelling breasts, or sunken nipples.
#2 Touch

Position: Standing
- Examine your entire breast and underarm area with the pads of your index, middle, and ring fingers.
- Use small circular movements, starting from the outer area towards the inner area and nipples.
- Apply varying pressure (light, medium, and hard) to feel the entire breast for any unusual pain, lumps, hardened knots, or thickening.

Position: Lying down
- Repeat the same steps above, this time in a lying position on your back with the shoulders rolled back so that your breasts should be as flat as possible now.

Support: How Can You Be A Part Of #OnecareGoPink?

1. Share this article with your loved ones to help spread the awareness and maybe even get them to join the cause (Remind them to check their boobies while you’re at it too!)
2. Make an individual donation directly
3. Join #OnecareGoPink by purchasing VOFINA™, as we will be donating 1 dollar for every box - this whole month!

Join Us And Make A Difference Today

We believe that this is truly a cause worth fighting for and if you agree, let’s unite and give our full support to prevent and create a better life for all breast cancer survivors. Remember, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and we hold the power to help ignite that hope, so let’s use it!

And lastly, here’s to honoring all breast cancer WARRIORS; we admire your strength, resilience, and positivity throughout the battle you fought so bravely. Thank YOU for inspiring us.

By Tam N

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