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All You Need To Know About The Ultimate Health Drink

Meet your go-to health rejuvenating drink that ticks all the lists of healthy, delicious, and all-natural.

Why Do You Need Antioxidants?

Every second in our daily lives, we face attacks from free radicals (sun exposure and environmental pollution) that could eventually damage our cells’ DNA structure and ability to function. Over time, it causes oxidative damage and this increases the risk of degenerative diseases. 

The only weapon to protect ourselves from free radical damage is none other than - Antioxidants. Known as the free radical scavenger, antioxidants help protect your cells by neutralizing free radicals which can help prevent chronic diseases. Powered with the same antioxidants derived from 16 superfoods and superfruits, MONIVITA™ goes beyond strengthening the immune system to beautifying skin.

#1 Enhanced Immunity 

Fun fact: Almost EVERY European household stocks up elderberries as the traditional remedy to treat common illnesses like cough and flu. Packed with Sambucol® Elderberry and Maitake Mushroom, the powerful medicinal treasure, one shot of MONIVITA™  helps improve antibody response to fight off immunity-related diseases. Learn how the Sambucol® Elderberry helps to strengthen immunity naturally here, backed by science.   

#2 Stronger Liver Health

It’s time to give one of the most overworked organs in the body, your liver, the care it deserves! And by that, we mean nourishing it with liver-benefiting antioxidants: Artichoke and Broccoli Sprouts that can be found in MONIVITA™ help to detoxify the liver of toxins and promote liver cell regeneration. When consumed for a long term, it can also help prevent fatty liver disease by reducing fat deposition in the liver, increasing bile formation, and decreasing LDL cholesterol. Read all the magic behind the powerful superfoods here.  

#3 Skin-beautifying Results 

We all know the power of Collagen, the skin's best friend for a firmer and more youthful look. Formulated with the emperor of fruits, Annona Muricata and Noni Fruit, both star ingredients are clinically proven to help boost the skin's natural process of repairing Collagen. When it comes to maintaining skin hydration and elasticity, Collagen plays an essential role as it strengthens the skin barrier. So, the key here to achieve rejuvenated skin is to boost them Collagen production! With these 2 superfoods, MONIVITA™ can also reduce the appearances of age spots and fine lines! Check out its scientifically proven results here.  

Its benefits do not just stop here; the rich source of 16 natural superfoods in MONIVITA™ can also help with those who are experiencing these signs:

  • Constant fatigue and lack of focus

  • Constipation and irregular bowel movement

  • Nutrients deficiency due to unhealthy diets 

  • Weakened immune system due to recovering from illnesses 

  • High level of body toxins due to stress and unhealthy lifestyle (smoking and drinking)

  • Signs of aging skin (fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, dry, and sagging skin) 


Unlike any other antioxidant health drinks in the market, MONIVITA™ contains the highest ORAC score (a lab test that measures the "total antioxidant capacity" from various nutrients.) The higher the ORAC value, the more ability it has to reduce oxidative damage to the cells. So by choosing MONIVITA™, you can rest assured you’re getting only the BEST protection. 

Incorporating The Finest Ingredients And Technology

The fusion of all the premium ingredients was meticulously selected and prepared using the Intracellular Phyto-Antioxidants extraction to procure all health-enhancing nutrients in the purest way possible. Each bottle has also undergone Ultra-high Temperature Sterilisation System before being sealed for freshness. 

We also made sure to only include the best and all-natural ingredients with zero added sugar, zero preservatives, and zero colorings in MONIVITA™. All these are done to ensure it is 100% safe and suitable for the whole family, including kids, adults, and even the elderly to reap its health benefits (Oh, not forgetting it’s vegetarian-friendly too!).

Natural Tastiness That You Surely Can’t Get Enough Of

Who says something healthy can’t taste yummy? Each flavorful drop of MONIVITA™ comes with a potent berry-licious taste (picky-eaters approved), making your health and beauty indulgence much more enjoyable. 

Indeed just one shot of MONIVITA™ a day is all you need to stay on top of the health game and achieve the youthful-looking skin you desire. Wait no more and grab the healthily delicious drink here


Megan Ware, RDN, L.D. (2018). How can antioxidants benefit our health? [online] Medical News Today. Available from: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/301506

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