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A Moisture-Restoring Combo For Youthful Skin

Dive deep into the world of hydration with the most powerful duo to achieve softer, smoother, and younger-looking complexion from the inside out. 

Hydration. We’ve probably heard a million reasons why it’s the key to maintaining that healthy glow. But did you know that it takes more than just drinking enough water and putting on basic lotions? 

While skincare works topically on the outer layers of our skin, it is important that we feed our body with the right hydrating-nutrients to nourish from the inside as well. Check out this specially-curated combo made just to do that.

Lock In Skin Moisture With CERA5™

Think of Ceramides as magnets. These moisture magnets bond the skin cells together to form a protective layer that plumps the skin and locks in moisture. When this barrier is compromised (cue in UV rays, pollution, and age), it will lead to skin dryness, sensitivity, inflammation, and well, the no-list goes on.
But lucky for you, there’s a way to replenish the all-powerful Ceramides in our body.

Formulated with Japanese rice-derived Ceramides and other ultra-hydrating ingredients, CERA5™ locks in moisture AND fortifies the skin barrier to protect against environmental aggressors (AKA culprits of aging). The result of this? Satin-soft, velvety-smooth, and younger-looking complexion without the wrinkles, fine lines, and whatnot.

Each capsule also works naturally to heal cracked heels and provide relief to those who have sensitive skin, flaky or itchy skin, and even eczema or psoriasis. 

How to consume: Take 2 capsules daily before breakfast for the best results.

Check out our featured testimonials below!

“I have combination skin and also eczema and dermatitis on my face, back, and scalp. When it’s too humid or dry, my skin will itch and crack. No amount of steroid or antihistamine was able to stop the dryness and itchiness. I was on IG when I saw a Cera5 ad. Immediately, I looked into it and got all my queries answered. After consuming it for a month, I noticed less dryness, less itch and surprisingly, easier makeup application too. Previously, my skin looked like ‘cracked lines’ when applying make-up due to excessive dryness. Really thankful for such a life-changing supplement and will continue to consume for better results!” - Linda Tay, 35
“I had dry skin issues since my mid 20s and have tried many lotions and moisturizers but they could not give me the result I wanted. Until last month, I decided to give CERA5 a try after seeing it on FB. True enough, after just 1 month, I am happy to say that my dry skin condition improved a lot and my skin feels softer and smoother to touch! Seriously the best hydrating product I have ever tried and super easy to consume too!” - Charrissa, 27

Combine It With The Multi-action Moisturizer, UltraMoist™

Well, the name says it all! This ultra-light formula penetrates deep into the skin to not only provide intense hydration to all skin types (especially sensitive and acne-prone skin) but also rejuvenate long-lasting youthfulness by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles! This is all thanks to its potent ingredients such as purified Bee Venom, RegeneCell™, Superior Hyaluronic Acid (miniHA™), and Oryzanol Complex™, working together to leave your skin visibly softer, smoother, and plumper!

Each application is also:

  • Cosmeceutical graded

  • Dermatologically-tested

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Freshly and naturally-scented 

  • Free of nanomaterials, hormone, alcohol, and fragrance

How to apply: Dispense one pump onto fingertips and warm it up between palms. Gently pat on the skin until fully absorbed. Bonus: It can also be used as your makeup base!

See why others are loving this ultra-hydrating moisturizer!

“Let me tell you, this is not your ordinary moisturizer!! My skin has been feeling extra hydrated and smooth thanks to it! I love that it can even work as a base for your make-up, so it lasts much longer throughout the day! My favorite feature is that it acts as a natural botox for your skin and it’s cruelty free and eco friendly!” - Kamryn Law, 32

Need us to say more? It’s not everyday you find a moisturizer that works well AND smells great!

Well, there you have it! With CERA5™ working its moisturizing magic from within and UltraMoist™ giving that smooth-to-touch finish, it’s only a matter of time till you meet your best skin! Shop the duo here and indulge in that well-deserved glow now! 

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By Evelyn

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